6 Habits Of A Civil Celebrant

6 Habits Of A Civil Celebrant

Range of black clothes

6 Habits of a Civil Celebrant

Creating and  conducting ceremonies is both a great delight and a huge honour, whatever the occasion. In this article though, we take a more light-hearted look at some of the habits you may find you unexpectedly develop as a civil celebrant!

You listen to music and poetry with fresh ears

When listening to music or reading poems you realise there is always a bit of you wondering if it would be suitable for a ceremony………

A broomstick in every corner

You have all sorts of equipment in various places in your house, including  broomsticks decorated in a range of colours and styles, not to mention boxes of ribbons and beads and containers of sand in various colours.

Your house if full of unusual smells

Whether it is the waft of  a brewing ‘potion’ of rosewater for a naming ceremony, the lingering perfume of the latest incense you have been trying out, or the smell of melted wax from making decorative candles, your house always seems to have a distinctive aroma.

Singing hymns and reciting prayers

As you are doing the washing up or taking a shower, you find yourself singing hymns to yourself and reciting prayers you haven’t previously sung or said since you were a child.

The ‘black’ section of your wardrobe is bigger than it used to be

Your one ‘little black dress’ has multiplied to become a range of smart clothes in dark colours, including jackets, trousers and shoes.

Hearse Spotting

Whereas previously you took very little notice, you find yourself noticing hearses as you drive along, and even wondering which funeral director they belong too, where they are headed and returning from.

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