A Beautiful Wedding In The Painswick Valley

A Beautiful Wedding In The Painswick Valley

Although this couple, Wenna and Luke, now live in London, they decided to celebrate their love and wedding in the stunning Painswick Valley. It was the place Wenna grew up and a location Luke has come to love through knowing her. They also wanted to be surrounded by the beauty and power of nature as they made their vows and celebrated with friends.

The ceremony took place in a large field adjoining the house, and we were blessed with the weather. They captured a rustic feel for the ceremony area by draping cloth between 2 trees.

The aisle was created by branches stuck into the ground. This included a small oak sapling that the couple planted earlier in the week when they had they completed the requirements to make their marriage legal at the registry office.

The bride entered to live music played on guitar and sung by a friend. Other highlights included a poem written and read by another friend called “The Knot” and a reading of an extract from “Wide Awake” about the intimacy of knowledge that come form being close to someone. The mother of the bride and several of her friends also sang a song called “The River” with lovely harmonies.

The bride and groom then exchanged vows, sealed with rings they had made themselves at a special workshop.They finalised their union with a handfasting and blessing, before inviting their friends to follow them in jumping the broomstick.

They finished by having speeches outside the marquee erected for the occasion. They had decided to do these early on the proceedings so that they could concentrate on celebrating and partying for the rest of the day and evening.

It was a magical day and I can’t imagine they couple would have wished for anything to be different. My congratulations to both of them for a long and happy union.

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