A Wonderful Ceremony It Was

A Wonderful Ceremony It Was

When the groom is ‘suited and booted’, complete with a pair of shorts, and the bride enters to “The Imperial March” (Darth Vader’s Theme) in a beautiful wedding dress, turns to the groom at the top of the aisle and says “I am your father”, you know it’s going to be a different and memorable ceremony!

Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham was the setting for this lovely wedding on Saturday. The bride and groom had planned an outdoor ceremony but with storm clouds looming and rain showers predicted, it looked as if we were going to have to hold the ceremony inside. The groom, however, knowing how much the bride wanted to get married surrounded by the beauty of nature, talked to the venue staff, and together they identified a beautiful old tree in the grounds that offered a huge canopy, large enough for us all to gather and be protected from the rain. 20 minutes before the ceremony was due to begin, the staff rallied to prepare the area, and we were able to go ahead, remaining dry throughout.

The couple’s daughter made a beautiful flower girl in a dress to match her mother’s. The bridesmaids were dressed in silver, one of the colours reflected in the binding cords the couple used for a handfasting ceremony we included. The other colours were red for love and passion and white to match the bride’s dress and reflect the purity of the couple’s love. We told their love story and they exchanged vows, written by themselves, a lovely blend of sincerity and humour.¬†We also celebrated with a sand ceremony, marking not just the couple’s union, but the embodiment of their love, their two children.

As Yoda would have said; “A wonderful ceremony it was”!

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