Why I Became A Celebrant

Why I became a celebrant

Dan and Rachel Ceremony 2I believe ceremonies and ‘rites of passage’ are important for individuals and communities and have a vital role to play in our society. Although the way we celebrate important transitions in our lives has changed over time, the significance and need for meaningful connection with others remains as strong and life-affirming as ever.

As we have become an increasingly secular society, the structure and meaning provided by the church and religion around such ceremonies in the past has dwindled, yet it is not always easy for people to find a satisfactory alternative. At the other end of the spectrum, humanist ceremonies do not necessarily offer the spiritual feel or content people want or need.Leading Willow's Ceremony

I consider it a privilege to create and deliver memorable, meaningful and personalised ceremonies for individuals, couples, families and communities. I love the creativity and challenge involved in finding out “your story”, capturing the spirit of what you want to communicate, fulfilling your hopes and aspirations for your ceremony and being part of your special event.

In the case of funerals and memorial services, I can think of no greater responsibility or honour than being charged with leading a dignified, respectful and personal farewell that celebrates life and brings comfort to the bereaved.

Finally, I am keen to work with individuals and communities to develop the potential for meaningful ceremonies that enhance our lives, offer comfort when needed, bring communities together and strengthen the bonds within those communities.

Call me on 07917 222161 or 01453 757128 or contact me by email.

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