Circus Themed Wedding Ideas

Circus Themed Wedding Ideas

CircusYou may have read in the news recently that there has been a spate of sightings of so-called “creepy” or “killer” clowns. Whilst most people would almost certainly not want a scary clown at their wedding, there is something exciting and special about the circus  which could lend itself to a themed wedding.

Here are 5 ideas for a circus or carnival themed wedding to help make your day individual and memorable;

Get Married In A ‘Big Top’ tent

Perhaps the most obvious element to having a circus themed wedding is to have your ceremony and/or reception in a tent or marquee, decorated like a circus tent. Alternatively decorating with a carnival theme (e.g. balloons, ribbons, bunting etc.) is a bright and fun alternative

Themed Outfits

Even if you don’t necessarily want to dress up in circus or carnival costumes, what about having a ring bearer dressed as a ring master or flower girl dressed as a trapeze artist?

candyflossCarnival Food

What about handing out carnival food to your guests, either for the ceremony or the reception, such as popcorn, jars of candy, peanuts or candyfloss?


Ask your guests to come dressed up in a circus/carnival theme.


Balloons give a real ‘carnival’ feel to an event. What about building an arch of balloons as an entrance to the ceremony area or including some giant balloons.

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