Handfasting at The Lakes By Yoo

Handfasting at The Lakes By Yoo

Matthew and Cathy's HandfastingThe Lakes by Yoo near Lechlade in Gloucestershire, provided the beautiful backdrop for a handfasting this morning. The ceremony had been arranged by Matthew as part of a surprise anniversary weekend for his partner of 5 years Cathy.

Once I had been introduced to the surprised and delighted Cathy we talked briefly about the ceremony over a glass of champagne. The handfasting ceremony took place a short while later on the balcony overlooking the lake. The surroundings were idyllic, with birdsong all around us and the sun breaking through. A pair of swans had flown in earlier, as if blessing the occasion with their qualities of grace and fidelity.Swans

Surrounded by a small group of close friends, the couple were hand-fasted using plaited cords representing the 4 Elements of Nature: Green for Earth, Blue for Water, Yellow for Air and Red for Fire. Accompanied by an Elemental Blessing, which seeks to bestow upon the union the qualities associated with the Elements (such as perseverance, communication, passion and peace).

Wishing Cathy and Matthew many happy years together.

See the Handfastings page for more information about handfasting ceremonies.

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