Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is

When I first met up with Helen and Rich they were in the very early stages of planning their handfasting. They knew they wanted their ceremony to have a very spiritual feel, reflecting their personal beliefs and sources of inspiration, but weren’t sure where to have the ceremony so that it felt right for them.

We talked about the idea of choosing somewhere that had meaning for them, and after considerable thought, they decided there was no better or more suitable place than their own home!

Friends and family sat around the ceremony area the couple had created under a tree as we awaited their arrival. They entered the garden together from the house, processing slowly to music written and played for the occasion by Helen’s son.

After welcoming everyone and remembering loved ones no longer with us, we began by honouring the past, both theirs as a couple and their journey to date, as well as our ancestors. We looked for inspiration to the ancient goddess, Isis, and the Norse God, Odin and other great and timeless spiritual forces in the world.

With the support of friends we then sought the blessings of Nature and the Elements. We celebrated Earth with a sand ceremony, with grey sand to represent the rocks beneath us, brown for the earth, green for the grass, trees and plants and various colours to represent all living things.

Air was represented by a feather waved around the couple and we burned incense to signify Fire. Finally, the couple washed each others hands in Water charged with the moon’s energy.

They then exchanged words of eternal love and commitment, which they had written themselves, sealed with a handfasting, with cords woven to represent the colours of their dogs; back, tan and white.

The ceremony ended with the couple touching foreheads for a third-eye kiss. It was a truly lovely, unique and spiritual occasion, and one I felt honoured to be a part of.

Wishing them both every happiness as they journey on through this world together.

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