Involving Parents In Your Wedding Ceremony

Involving Parents In Your Wedding Ceremony

rose-ceremony-mumsYour wedding ceremony is of course a time to celebrate and honour the love between you and your partner. It is also an opportunity to acknowledge and thank those closest to you, including parents. Whilst traditionally the bride’s father may  ‘present’ or ‘give away’ the bride as part of the ceremony, there are various other creative ways to involve your parents. Here are some suggestions;


Asking one or more parents to read a poem or a relevant passage from a book is a great way to involve one or more parents if they are comfortable reading in public.

Rose CeremonyTwo Roses

The traditional rose ceremony where the couple exchange roses could be changed or expanded to include presenting roses to parents.

First Kiss/Last Kiss

This offers a great way to surprise parents. It fits well just before the couple make their vows or just after. The couple exchange a kiss with their own parents, a last kiss before they enter married life, for the people who gave them their first kiss.

Parents Blessing

This can replace the traditional ‘giving away’ of the bride, with both parents bestowing their blessing on the couple and their marriage.

Joining Rituals

Unification ceremonies such as the Unity Candle CeremonyUnity Coin Ceremony or Sand Ceremony, offer a beautiful way to celebrate the joining of two families


Have something that represents the couple’s parent. This could be carrying a bouquet with a flower to represent each special family member, or wearing something worn by parents at their own wedding.

 Honouring Deceased Parents

As well as mentioning absent loved ones in the ceremony, other ways to honour them include lighting a candle, dedicating a reading or piece of music, wearing their wedding ring or other personal item.

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