Leading a Ceremony

Leading a Ceremony

Candlelight ceremony and celebrantionsWhen leading a bespoke and personalised ceremony for a special occasion, there are a number of things to bear in mind to ensure the event is as special and memorable as intended. These principles apply whatever the nature of the ceremony, from welcoming and naming a new baby in our community, celebrating and witnessing the union of a couple or saying farewell to a loved one.

Select or create a suitable site

What is ‘suitable’ will obviously depend upon the nature of the ceremony and the atmosphere you are seeking to create. Avoiding distractions such as external noise or visual distractions is critical. Other considerations include whether to hold the ceremony indoors or outside, how to create a sense of ‘enclosure’ so that all those participating feel ‘held’ by the space and how the site affects sound (it is important everyone involved can hear everything so that they can fully participate). Even if the space is quite open, marking a boundary (e.g. with stones, petals, candles etc.) can create a feeling of increased intimacy.

Be clear about the intention

When leading a ceremony you need to be clear about its intention and hold this as a focus. A ceremony does not have to be serious. The important thing is to make a connection for all that take part; this includes light hearted fun and plenty of laughter, as well as touchingly deep and meaningful moments.

Create a special atmosphere

Opening actions and words are important and have a profound affect upon the rest of the ceremony. When leading a ceremony you need to support and enable participants to leave behind whatever thoughts or cares they may have and bring them into the moment to connect with the intention of the ceremony. This may be through spoken word or may include clearing and cleansing rituals.

Consider all the senses

In addition to thinking about visual impact and sound, stimulating the other senses can add additional dimension to a ceremony. For example, burning incense, eating and drinking rituals and the use of touch can be powerful additions to the experience

Encourage participation

It is important everyone feels they are making a contribution to a ceremony, if only by being there. Finding ways to draw people in so that they have a sense of the importance of their presence and any contribution they make will ensure the event is memorable for all concerned.

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