Lucky 13 Celebrated With A Unity Sand Ceremony

Lucky 13 Celebrated With A Unity Sand Ceremony

The main focus of any wedding ceremony is quite rightly the wedding couple themselves. When I met with one couple some months ago to plan their ceremony, however, they were very keen to involve their children too, choosing a Unity Sand Ceremony.

The couple had first been together 22 years before, but went their separate ways. Each married and had children but eventually  they reunited, bringing their respective children with them, a total of 11, to create a new family.

After sharing the things each love about the other, the couple exchanged traditional vows and rings. They included ‘signing the register’, popular with couples even when the legal elements of the marriage have been dealt with elsewhere, not least so that it can feature in the photographs.

Following the obligatory kiss, the whole family gathered at the front for their Unity Sand Ceremony. The bride and groom each poured a layer of sand (the bride silver and the groom gold), then a layer poured together to symbolise their union. Each of their children had a different colour sand and the 4th layer was a blending of the 13 different colours. The tears of happiness shared by some of the children said it all.

Wishing them all a happy and prosperous future.

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