Naming Ceremony for Ruby Rose

Naming Ceremony for Ruby Rose

It was an honour and a pleasure to create and lead a unique naming ceremony for little Ruby Rose last weekend. Her parents decided they wanted to celebrate her first birthday with a welcoming and naming ceremony.

About 30 of us gathered at a local hotel. Against a lovely backdrop of paper roses, we welcomed everyone, including some who had travelled from Ireland. We told the story of how Ruby’s parents chose her name and reflected upon what a happy, enchanting little girl she has become during her first year on earth.

The lovely paper rose backdrop

Ruby’s parents had written personal promises to her. We also celebrated the role of her two sets of grandparents, and one of her grandfathers read a lovely poem. The two guide parents, carefully selected from her parents’ friends also made personal promises to Ruby.

We sprinkled Ruby’s feet with Rose Water

As we gave Ruby Rose her life name, her parents sprinkled her feet with rose water and after a blessing, we formally presented her to everyone present.

It was such a lovely occasion to be part of. There were tears of joy from many present and Ruby herself seemed to enjoy the ceremony, especially when everyone clapped, which she joined in with enthusiastically!

Ruby Rose, I wish you every good wish for your future happiness.

Ruby’s parents

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