Physics Is Not The Most Important Thing, Love Is

Physics Is Not The Most Important Thing, Love Is

The process of creating a unique and personalised wedding ceremony for a couple relies upon input from all parties. I need the couple to explain their ideas, how they want the tone to be, plans already made etc. whilst I seek to interpret that information and create a ceremony appropriate for them. The extent to which couples specify the actual words within a ceremony varies of course, although at the very least this usually includes the vows.

For a couple whose wedding ceremony I led recently at Goblin Coombe Environment Centre, Cleeve near Bristol, some small personal additions meant their ceremony was exactly right for them. Our ceremony was held in a marquee, beautifully and thoughtfully decorated. Despite several downpours earlier in the day, the mood of the guests was high and even before the entry music began, there was a feeling of excitement around, a buzz in the air.

Preceded by her bridesmaids and a flower boy, the bride entered, where the groom and I were waiting for her at the top of the aisle under an arch created for the occasion. Within the ceremony, we thought about the journey they had had as a couple to date,  “brought together by separation logic, jungle and yoga”! This new chapter in their relationship was described as “full of program synthesis, psytrance and Sonic racing.” I have to confess I am not sure what all those things are, but it was clear those gathered there did, and there was considerable laughter at those points. They even included a quotation from a well known physicist, Richard Feynmann who said, “Physics is not the most important thing, love is.”. Below is a brief clip of their ceremony.

Friends of the bride read “A Lovely Love Story” by Edward Monkton and “The Art Of A Good Marriage” by Wilferd Arlan Paterson before the couple exchanged their vows and rings. At the couple’s request we included a pause for reflection after the rings had been exchanged. Acknowledging how quickly time seems to pass on your wedding day, the couple were asked to look into each other’s eyes, savouring the moment, then consider where they might be in 20 years time.  We completed the ceremony by jumping the broomstick.

It was a magical occasion, full of warmth, love, humour and sincerity. I wish them both every happiness for the future.



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