Marking Childhood to Adolescence

Celebrating the transition from childhood to adolescence

Family group with young teenagerCreating a milestone at the transition point from childhood to adolescence (around 10-14) can be a wonderful way of helping a young person shape their identity.  It could perhaps be linked to a naming ceremony if the young person wishes to change the name they are known by (for example Michael might choose to be known as Mick, Ellen as Elle etc.) or perhaps include a ritual whereby ‘childish’ interests and possessions are replaced by more mature ones (for example packing away old toys). Such a ceremony provides a platform for the young person to make commitments – to him/herself and family – and to share their aspirations for the future. The joy of this ceremony is that the young person themselves helps to design and shape it to reflect their own wishes and personality.

As a Community Celebrant I work with you and your child to create and deliver a unique and personalised ceremony for them. I offer guidance, suggestions and advice to help ensure they have a ceremony that reflects their personality and aspirations. Services include;

Group of young girls blowing bubbles♥  Detailed planning of the ceremony

♥  Help to select music and readings if required

♥  Help to write or select promises if required

♥  Suggestions for special customs and rituals

♥  Option to have a non-religious ceremony or to include religious content or customs

♥  Provision of equipment for your ceremony

♥  A keepsake copy of your ceremony

Call me on 07917 222161 or 01453 757128 or contact me by email.

Other Family and Community Ceremonies

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♥  Family Unification and Adoption Ceremonies

♥  Transgender Naming Ceremonies

♥  Other Rites of Passage and Celebrations

♥  Ceremonies for Community and Corporate Occasions


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