Other Rites of Passage and Celebrations

Colleagues celebrating with retireeMarking and Celebrating Life’s Transitions

It is common in our society to celebrate special milestones, such as 18th or 21st birthdays, graduation and retirement. Yet despite their significance, we rarely think to include a personalised ceremony as part of these rites of passage. Whilst a party is a wonderful way to mark such events, a ceremony offers an opportunity for quieter reflection and to fully honour effort and achievement, and to give thanks to those who have contributed and provided support.

Graduate with familyOther examples of when a Ceremony can positively contribute to life events include;

♥  leaving or moving into a house, where giving thanks or offering blessing may be appropriate

♥  leaving home or returning after a long period away, for example going off to university or returning from a period abroad

♥  thanksgiving for recovery following a period of illness

18th birthday celebrationWhatever the occasion, I will create and deliver a unique and special ceremony, capturing the spirit of the occasion. I offer guidance, suggestions and advice to help ensure they have a ceremony that reflects their personality and aspirations. Services include;

♥  Detailed planning of the ceremony

♥  Help to select music and readings if required

♥  Suggestions for special customs and rituals

♥  Option to have a non-religious ceremony or to include religious content or customs

♥  Provision of equipment for your ceremony

♥  A keepsake copy of your ceremony

Call me on 07917 222161 or 01453 757128 or contact me by email.

Other Family and Community Ceremonies

♥  Naming Ceremonies

♥  Family Unification and Adoption Ceremonies

♥  Marking Childhood to Adolescence

♥  Transgender Naming Ceremonies

♥  Ceremonies for Community and Corporate Occasions


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