Why Choose A Community Celebrant

Dan and Rachel Ceremony 2Why Choose A Community Celebrant For Your Wedding Ceremony?

For years, most couples choosing to get married in England and Wales have been faced with a choice between a religious wedding within a particular tradition, or a civil ceremony at a registry office. For many, perhaps because they do not follow a particular religion, have atheist or humanist beliefs or do not want to follow a traditional format, a ‘church’ wedding is inappropriate. Yet, whilst fine for some, many couples find that a registrar-led ceremony is limiting and lacking in spiritual content.

A ceremony led by a Community Celebrant offers the opportunity for a unique and personalised experience, truly capturing the spirit of you as a couple and the commitment you are making to each other. It can include religious content or be entirely non-religious.

Although currently only marriages conducted in a church or other licensed building are legally recognised, increasingly couples are choosing to separate the legal process from the marriage ceremony.Male Couple on Beach

This means that;

♥  You can hold your wedding or handfasting at a venue of your choosing – a hotel, a beautiful garden, a clifftop, a beach. Even a stadium!

♥  You can include religious, spiritual or cultural content that would not be allowed in a registry office

♥  Your ceremony will be unique, created especially for you and reflecting your love, personalities and beliefs

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