The Calm Amongst The Storm

The Calm Amongst The Storm

Sometimes it can feel as if life is so busy that stopping, even for a short while, to enjoy and celebrate love, is something of a luxury. This couple both lead very busy lives and indeed, as their wedding neared, the pressures seemed to increase.

Fortunately, this couple were not to be deterred from their nuptials, especially as they had already delayed once to accommodate another wedding in the family.

And so it was that around 50 of their family and friends gathered in the lovely grounds of Manor By The Lake in Cheltenham on a dry and sunny, if slightly windy, day. The bride and groom entered together, escorted by 3 flower girls. During the ceremony the respective sons of the bride and groom shared a reading.

After making traditional vows, the groom presented the bride with a ring and we listened to a piece of music that had special meaning to them as a couple. They were then handfasted with chords woven of red, white and green to reflect their respective Welsh and English heritage. The blessing was sealed with a “Loving Cup Ceremony” and a kiss.

Wishing this lovely couple an oasis of calm amongst the storm in their busy lives going forward.

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