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10 Tips For A Green Wedding
September 9, 2021

Many couples nowadays are keen to ensure their special day does not adversely impact on the environment. Here are 10 tips for a green wedding;

1. Choose a  venue with good ‘green’ credentials

Check out the venue to see how green they are. Do the recycle? How will they ensure waste is kept to a minimum?

2. Consider the transport issues

Find a venue close to home to cut down on transport. Make a statement by turning up to your wedding in an electric car or horse-drawn carriage – or walk, or even cycle. If you don’t have the ceremony and reception at the same venue, encourage guests to share rides to the reception or provide a coach or bus. If possible, include public transport details in your invites, to encourage guests to consider leaving the car at home.

3. Use electronic methods or recycled paper for invitations and photos

Use recycled paper for wedding stationery. To save paper, you could design a website, and send an e-card to guests referring them to it. Wedding photos can be easier to share if you go digital too.

4. Wear a green wedding dress

Borrow from friends or check out vintage and retro shops. Alternatively search online for quality used outfits from eBay or specialist sites. Another option is to hire. For bridesmaids and page boys, buy something they can wear afterwards for parties, or invite them to wear their own favorite outfits.

5. Consider alternative tokens to gold rings

Mining for gold and gems is unsustainable, destructive and releases poisonous chemicals that leach out into groundwater. Conditions for workers are often bad, the industry is used to finance civil war and it also appeals to money launderers. Use recycled gold or exchange alternative tokens.

6. Source food locally produced 

Delight your guests with local, seasonal and organic food.  Hire crockery and glasses to avoid disposables, and recycle whatever you can, including bottles and cans.

7. Use local seasonal flowers, ideally uncut

Avoid the air miles associated with flowers transported from other countries and use locally sourced flowers. Instead of cut flower use potted plants or flowers such as locally grown orchids that your guests can take away afterwards and put into their gardens or homes.

8. Request green wedding presents

There are lots of companies who offer wedding lists in the form of gifts to developing countries. Alternatively why not request e-vouchers instead of gifts, cutting out all the waste from wrapping paper and packaging.

9. Use biodegradable confetti

Biodegradable confetti is now easily available in the shops,or you could use an alternative such as rose petals.

10. Honeymoon at home or using public transport

A honeymoon in your home country can be just as romantic as the most exotic destination. If you are going to travel further afield, use public transport can help keep your carbon footprint down.

Having a green wedding  does not mean you have to compromise on having the day of your dreams; indeed paying attention to your green credentials can result in new ideas you might never have though of!