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5 Reasons To Choose A Civil Celebrant For Your Ceremony
September 9, 2021

There are many reasons to choose a civil celebrant for your ceremony, whatever the occasion you are marking. Here are 5 of them;

Chosen by you. There is no requirement to have a particular individual to lead your ceremony because they are attached to a church or a particular business. You can entitled to look around until you find someone who you feel confident in and you know will be able to reflect and respond to your wishes.

Heartfelt. A civil celebrant will not simply read from a template inserting your names or those of loved ones. They will meet with you and develop enough of a relationship during the process of preparing your bespoke ceremony to be able to lead the event with genuine feeling.

Original. Your ceremony will be a one-off, developed from scratch, based upon your wishes. Each ceremony created by a civil celebrant is therefore unique and original.

Inspiring. Whatever the occasion, a civil celebrant will not simply ‘go through the motions’ but will help ensure your ceremony is memorable and uplifting.

Creative. Working with a civil celebrant means you can be creative about what you include and the meaning you attribute to the various elements you decide to include. This may include creating your own rituals or adopting a very different approach.

Eclectic. Civil celebrants do not have ‘rules’ around what may or may not be included in your ceremony. They do not refuse to include religious or spiritual content, nor dictate that you must include certain elements. If you want to draw on a mixture of cultures, traditions and beliefs, that is absolutely fine.