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Advance Funeral Wishes
September 9, 2021

I have had a number of enquiries recently from people interested in recording their Advance Funeral Wishes and planning their own funeral.

Contemplating your own death can raise all sorts of emotions and is therefore something many of us avoid or defer. There are some really good reasons why it is worth considering however. Here are some of them;

Easing the burden for your loved ones: No matter how prepared we think we are for the death of someone we love, when they finally leave us, we can experience a whole range of emotions. There are many practicalities to arrange such as registering the death and notifying relevant authorities, as well as all the funeral arrangements.  At such a difficult and stressful time, knowing they are carrying out the wishes of their loved one eases their burden and brings relief.

Peace of mind for you:  Recording your Advance Funeral Wishes gives you comfort  your wishes will be known to whoever cares for you after your death. Sometimes relatives can’t agree on arrangements, so leaving clear instructions can avoid such difficulties

A chance to leave messages of comfort: As well as stating any specific instructions about funeral arrangements, and selection any music, readings, poems or prayers you want to include,  there is the opportunity to leave words of love and comfort to those you leave behind.