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Celebration of Life Ceremony
September 9, 2021

The idea of a funeral as a celebration of someone’s life rather than simply to mourn their passing is one familiar to most of us. But what about the idea of having such a ceremony whilst the individual is still alive?

There is a certain irony that one of the few times in our life when those who care most about us – family, friends and colleagues – gather together to share the love they have for us, we are not present ourselves. Our funeral is often the only occasion when they will get to hear about parts of our life and our achievements they may not have known about. How often do we pay tribute to people in such a structured way during their lifetime?

A Celebration of Life ceremony is usually held towards the end of someone’s life, either because they have a terminal illness or simply because they are elderly and wish to take the opportunity to step back and reflect surrounded by those who have traveled some of their journey with them, and represent the legacy they will leave behind.

Often such events are linked to a significant birthday, but there is no reason why they need to be. And as well as being a lovely experience for the individual, a Celebration of Life ceremony also provides a wonderful chance for family and friends to let someone know how much they are valued and appreciated.

A definite win win!