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Choosing A Name For Your Baby
September 9, 2021

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision, and one they will carry with them throughout their life.

There are a range of reasons parents choose a particular name. Religious names are popular with some, Mohammed being the most common boy’s name in the world.  Others choose names that have meaning within the family, such as names of grandparents or great-grandparents. This partly explains why names seem to go in and out of fashion. For example, names such as Florence, Archie, which were popular 3 or 4 generations ago are popular again at the moment.

According to the Office of National Statistics these were the UK’s most popular baby names i 2015;

Girls                                Boys

♥  Amelia                                                          ♥  Oliver

♥  Olivia                                                            ♥   Jack

♥  Isla                                                                ♥  Harry

♥  Emily                                                             ♥  Jacob

♥  Poppy                                                            ♥  Charlie

Other parents seek to differentiate their child by choosing a more unusual name. What about Hunter or Autumn? Whilst it is appealing to have something a little different, some parents seek to take this to extremes. In some cases where it is deemed the name is so unusual it could have a detrimental effect upon the child, the courts have been known to step in. ‘Banned’ names in a variety of countries include;

♥  Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii

♥  Fish and Chips

♥  Cinderella Beauty Blossom

♥  Sex Fruit

The system is not foolproof, however. Names that have slipped through this net include;

♥  Benson and Hedges,

♥  Midnight Chardonnay

♥  Number 16 Bus Shelter

It is always worth considering the match with the child’s surname too, as the following would probably attest;

♥  Stan Still

♥  Robin Graves

♥  Jordy Shaw

♥  Hazel Nutt

♥  Tim Burr

♥  Carrie Oakey

♥  Jo King