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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Reading
September 9, 2021

Choosing the right reading(s) for your wedding ceremony can be tricky. You want to ensure whatever you choose will complement and enhance the experience for you as a couple and for your guests.

Here are 7 tips to help you make your choice;

1. Choose something relevant

Most readings couples choose for their weddings are about love and/or marriage. Alternatively you may choose something that has particular relevance or meaning for you as a couple, perhaps reflecting your humour or the story of how you came to be a couple

2. Choose something ‘self-contained’

Your audience should be able to understand the reading and the relevance to you as a couple without the need for a lengthy introduction or explanation

3. Don’t be afraid to use one of the ‘classics’

It is tempting to want to choose a unique reading for your wedding ceremony that people may not have heard before. Whlst there is nothing wrong with this you shouldn’t feel you have to. The popular readings have become popular because they are beautiful and appropriate

4. Look to a range of sources

Don’t confine yourselves to poems or extracts. Perhaps there is a relevant song lyric. Or why not write something original or ask a suitably talented friend?

5. Your wedding reading should be an appropriate length

Too long and you will lose people’s attention. Too short and you risk losing impact.

6. Choose your reader(s) carefully

You could spend all the time in the world carefully choosing your wedding reading, only to find it’s impact is lost because the person reading it did not have the relevant skills. Choose someone who is confident speaking out in a public setting and who will read clearly and with expression so that everyone can hear.

7. Religious or non-religious?

If your wedding is in a church or register office there may well be restrictions upon the readings you can choose (e.g. a register office will not allow any religious content). Of course if you have chosen a civil celebrant you will be able to include any reading of your choice.