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Choosing The Right Wedding Celebrant
September 9, 2021

A beautiful, heartfelt ceremony will create the perfect atmosphere for you wedding day. It is a celebration of your love and unity as you exchange solemn and binding vows that will shape your futures.

Choosing the right celebrant, who will capture and reflect your wishes is critical to this. In reality in the UK, however, in most cases you are unlikely to have much choice, if any, if you opt for a church or registrar-led ceremony. That is why increasingly couples are choosing to have their ceremony created and delivered by a civil wedding celebrant.

Civil celebrants in the UK are independent of both church and state. Most will not have restrictions around religious or other spiritual content and will offer a bespoke service rather than a limited choice of template ceremonies. They are more flexible in terms of venue (from the beach to a hilltop), time of day (what about a ceremony at sunrise or sunset?) and can offer help and advice to ensure your ceremony is perfect for you.

Why would you settle for anything less?

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