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Civil Wedding Celebrants To The Rescue!
September 8, 2021

At last there seems to be a chink of light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel for the wedding industry. As venues slowly begin to reopen, couples who had to postpone their original plans are now starting to rebook, whilst others who have been waiting are feeling confident enough to consider moving things forward.

Whilst wedding venues will be keen to get things moving as soon as possible, however, pressure upon local registry offices in England and Wales as a result of a backlog of marriage applications has the potential to place limitations upon when and how couples can get married. Some may find they are not able to access visiting registrars at the time they want (around mid-day early afternoon is a very popular time for a wedding ceremony for example). For others they may not be available on the day they are hoping for.

Needless to say the last thing a wedding venue would want is to lose a potential booking because the registry service has limited availability. This is where a civil wedding celebrant such as myself can really help. Couples who want to celebrate their wedding with family and friends on their preferred date and at a time that works for them will not be limited by the availability of registrars if they have a civil celebrant to conduct the ceremony. Although they will still need to arrange a registrar ceremony if they wish their marriage to be legally recognised, this could be a much briefer ceremony at the registry office, possibly even on a different day to avoid the more popular slots. Furthermore, this solution is not necessarily more expensive (see previous post on this subject).

In summary, therefore, these are some of the potential advantages of having a wedding ceremony created and led by civil wedding celebrants;

Bespoke, personalised ceremonies created for the couple (rather than simple choosing between a selection of templates)

The chance to include religious elements if the couple wish to

No limit on where and when the ceremony is held (e.g. does not have to be a licensed area or even venue, can be outside ‘normal’ operating hours for the registry office etc.)

No limit on how long the ceremony is or what can be included

Let the weddings commence!