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Getting The Right Venue For Your Wedding
September 9, 2021

Location, location, location!

Getting the right venue for  your wedding will be one of the most important decisions you make when planning your wedding ceremony and celebrations.

Of course, there are likely to be some restrictions on your choice, such as your budget. You may also have other criteria such as environmental considerations (for example trying to keep your carbon footprint down but ensuring guests do not have too far to travel). Within that, however, you are still likely to have a range of options. Here are a few things worth considering;


If you are planning to hold your wedding at a hotel or use outside caterers, will they provide the level of service you require to ensure the day goes smoothly? It is too easy to have a beautiful setting let down by poor service. Check out reviews from previous customers and ask questions such as “how would you ensure….” and “what would  you do if”.


This not only applies to guests travelling to the venue and their ability to park or travel by public transport but also the layout of the venue itself. It’s all very well planning a ceremony at the top of a hill or in the middle of a field but if your elderly nan can’t get to the spot there will be disappointment all round

Think about the ceremony

It is easy to focus upon the the reception and the various aspects of that when making your choice. It is just as important to ensure the ceremony space/room creates the right atmosphere for the central element of your wedding, however.


Whilst couples usually have an eye upon the setting for official photographs if they are having these, think about all the other photos guests will be taking during the day. These can add so much to your memories but a venue that does not offer particularly good light or has areas you might not want included in photos could prove a disappointment.

Moving About

Think not just about each room/space but moving between them. If some of the space is outside, consider the implications if it has rained and the ground is soft for example. Your guests won’t be best pleased if their shoes end up covered in mud or their heels sink into the ground. The alternative of course is to warn people so that they can dress accordingly

Happy hunting!