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Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony
September 9, 2021

One of the many advantages of having a civil celebrant to conduct your wedding ceremony is that you are free to include whatever you wish to. Often when planning their wedding, couples focus most of their attention upon making the reception a unique and memorable experience; but there is no reason why your wedding ceremony shouldn’t be as exciting, meaningful, and inventive as your reception.

In addition to the words of your ceremony being personal and unique and any additional rituals chosen to seal your partnership, here are just a few other ideas to help add to the experience for you and your guests;

Have a drink

Why not your guests a drink as they arrive and take their places for  your ceremony? That way you can include a toast during the ceremony.

Run a slide show

What about a slide show whilst your guests wait for the ceremony to commence?

Seat your guests in a circle

There is no reason why you should not sit (or stand) your guests in a circle around you. This not only makes guests feel more included but means you are literally surrounded by love as you make your vows

Invite guests to share marriage wisdom

You could invite guests to share pearls of wisdom about love and marriage from the floor as part of the ceremony

Slow dance at the altar

Why wait until the reception for that special first dance? There is no reason why it could not form part of your ceremony.

Lead parade to reception

Have your guests follow you as you leave the ceremony area

Provide instruments for exit

As you leave why not let your guests become part of the music with percussion or other instruments