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Making a Time Capsule
September 9, 2021

Creating a time capsule for a special event such as a naming ceremony or wedding  is an easy and  fun way to capture a moment in time or a record of family history.

The process can be as simple or complicated as you want. If you are planning to bury your time capsule or keep it in an environment where the contents might be damaged, then it is important to ensure the container is water and air tight. Similarly if any of the contents are delicate a more robust box will be required. For occasions such as weddings or naming ceremonies a small box or even a large envelope will probably be enough.

Time capsules can be buried in the garden or other site, or simply stored away until a specified date. For weddings this might be a special anniversary or for the day your first child gets married. For baby namings it may bf for their 18th birthday or other significant event.
Depending upon what  you intend to include, your time capsule could form part of your ceremony. For example burying it in the garden or ceremonially sealing the box.

Your time capsule may include mementos of the day or other items. As a time capsule is that it is usually opened on or after a specific date, it is worth ensuring you do not include things you may want to access before then.

Here are just a few suggestions as to what you might include;


  • Mementos of the day such as pressed flowers from the bride’s bouquet, cake top and cards
  • A range of paper clippings, a screenshot of your Facebook timeline or other memorabilia linked to the date
  • Messages/letters for the future from each other, family and other guests
  • Items from honeymoon


  • Mementos of the day such as a cake decoration, and cards
  • Messages/letters for the future from family and other guests
  • Drawings or other gifts from siblings
  • Outfit worn
  • Hand and foot prints