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Non-Religious Naming Ceremony
September 9, 2021

A non-religious naming ceremony is perfect for parents and families seeking a secular but meaningful way to welcome a child into the world.

Whilst religious welcoming and naming ceremonies focus upon specific religious traditions and customs (for example baptism using holy water), families can create their own ways to celebrate and mark the occasion within a non-religious naming ceremony. Here are just a few suggestions;

A best wishes book or box

Simply provide a blank book or cards and pens and encourage guests to write thoughts, advice, best wishes etc.

Hand and feet printing

Capture a print of your child’s hands and feet and perhaps those of guests attending too

Release balloons

A popular way to celebrate a special occasion, although there are envitomental concerns. Use natural latex rubber balloons and flax string which will biodegrade

Record the event 

Capture the ceremony digitally through pictures or a recording.

Flowers, plants etc.

As well as using flowers and other plants to decorate a venue, why not ask guests to scatter seeds or plant bulbs or plants that will be in season on your child’s birthday.

Plant a tree

This could be in your own garden. Alternatively many local councils have tree planting schemes or you could approach a local nature reserve

Light a candle

Candles are symbolic of new life and hope for the future, as well as helping to create a magical atmosphere.

Sand Ceremony

Layers of different coloured sand are used to represent wishes for the child or  promises made to the child.

Make a timecapsule

Put together a capsule of relevant items to be opened at a future date (see also Making a Time Capsule)