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Outdoor Ceremonies
September 9, 2021

Outdoor ceremonies provide the opportunity to mark life’s special moments in beautiful and natural surroundings. For many, being closer to nature at such times adds an additional spiritual dimension and a closeness to positive forces of nature.

As well as these benefits, outdoor ceremonies offer other advantages;

They offer a much wider choice of places to hold a ceremony that is meaningful to all involved;  private and public gardens, woods and forests, seashores and cliff tops, ancient sacred sites or modern stadiums. The possibilities are almost endless, subject of course to any legal restrictions (e.g. permission to use private land). Furthermore, outdoor ceremonies allows freedom to practice rituals and traditions not possible in an indoor setting (again subject to legal and other regulations, e.g. lighting fires).

Outdoor venues can also avoid limitations on numbers due to size, as well as enabling other celebratory activities such as cooking and eating, even dancing and music, to be ‘al fresco’.

A critical element to ensuring outdoor ceremonies are successful is good planning, including contingency planning, particularly with regard to the weather. It is important to consider weather there is a need to amplify sound to ensure everyone can hear the ceremony. In addition to ensuring all legal issues are taken into account, other logistical issues such as transporting equipment, parking and lighting if after dark, need to be included in the planning process.

So, next time you are planning a ceremony, even with our wonderful British weather, it may well be worth thinking about holding it at a beautiful outdoor venue.