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A Baby Naming Surrounded By Nature
September 8, 2021

Nature made it’s presence felt at Luna’s Welcoming and Naming ceremony earlier this month.

Family and friends gathered on a local common with picnics, chairs and blankets to celebrate Luna’s first birthday and to formally name her and welcome her. It was a fine day, although the wind was blowing.

After welcoming everyone, we heard the story how Luna’s parents chose her names. They then made promises to her, which they had written themselves. They had asked two of their friends to be guide parents, and they too made personal, heartfelt pledges to her.

Beneath a lovely old tree, we then gave Luna her life name, calling upon the blessings of Nature’s elements, as the wind danced around us.

A special occasion for a very special little girl. Live well and prosper Luna!

You can see more information about baby namings on the Naming Ceremonies page.