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A Beautiful Wedding In A Sacred Space
September 8, 2021

Where a couple choose to have their wedding ceremony is a critical element of how the event feels and is remembered. Choosing a place that has historical or personal significance adds an additional layer of meaning, making a wonderful event extra special.

The Setting

The setting for this weekend’s wedding was an old Saxon chapel in the grounds of a farm that has been owned by the groom’s family for 4 generations. The farm itself goes back centuries and a stay by Henry VIII in the 16th century features in its history. The chapel is very recently renovated, and this was the first modern wedding. Knowing the same space was used by other couples to pledge mutual love and commitment brought added gravitas to the occasion.

Entry of the Bride

Guests were arranged longways in the room, creating a long aisle through the middle. The bride and her father surprised her guests by entering through a small door at the back of the room, preceded by her 4 bridesmaids, to live music provided by a pianist and guitarist. The entry music was a beautiful version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.

The Ceremony

The ceremony itself included 3 songs sung by the musicians, as well as 2 readings by friends. The first reading, “I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis reflected the couple’s  commitment to caring for each other, with the second by Pam Ayres, “Yes, I’ll Marry You My Dear” bringing a smile. The couple exchanged traditional vows, sealed by the groom presenting the bride with a ring, with words of acceptance from her. After the Elemental Blessing, calling upon the strengths and qualities of Nature’s elements to be reflected in their marriage, there was of course the customary kiss ♥

The Recession

The ceremony ended with guests lining either side of a red carpet outside. Friends created an arch from pitchforks as the bride and groom exited the chapel and guests threw confetti.

It was a truly special and magical occasion. I wish them love and happiness for the future.