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A Bond Themed Wedding
September 8, 2021

When a couple who came to see me recently said they were planning a ‘Bond themed’ wedding, it didn’t quite prepare me for the scene that greeted me upon my arrival.

The wedding was held in the grounds of their own home, which bordered a beautiful lake. The ceremony itself took place in a purpose built arbour at the edge of the lake. Seats for the guests were set out in front of this, forming the aisle. Behind these, creating a grand entrance, were well over 20 cars of all shapes and sizes, but all of which were models that had featured in Bond films over the years.

Theme music from various Bond films played as the guests gathered. The bridal entry began with the bridesmaids entering to “For Your Eyes Only”. The bride had chosen the traditional “Bridal Chorus” for her entrance, and although a slight hitch with the music resulted in the recorded version finishing a little early,  guests picked up the tune and sang until she reached the front. Not quite what the couple had planned but it was a lovely and memorable moment!

After they had exchanged vows and rings, the couple had a knot ceremony to mark their union. They have a 6 year-old daughter, who did a beautiful reading. Up until that day she had born her mother’s surname. They had arranged for her name to be changed by deed poll on the day of their wedding and so we included a naming ceremony for her within the wedding ceremony. Finally, the three of them took part in a sand unification ceremony.

It was a lovely occasion and it was really wonderful to be able to involve the couple’s daughter in such a meaningful way.

Wishing them all love and happiness for the future.