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A Proper Water Baby
September 8, 2021

A Gloucestershire football club was the setting for little Alfie’s naming ceremony back in the summer. Family and friends gathered to welcome him properly into their family and community.

After welcoming everyone we began by reflecting on his somewhat tricky arrival, with all the support provided by the parents’ families. We heard how they chose his names, including Romeo as he was born on Valentine’s day! We also talked about how his personality is beginning to develop, his bond with the family dog, Hugo, and his passion for water and swimming. At 6 months old he was already a keen member of a swimming club.

His parents and grandparents made promises to him, as did special friends chosen by Alfie’s parents to be godparents. Our naming ritual was to involve sprinkling rose water on his feet but he quickly made it clear he had other ideas. Like a true water baby he was not happy until his feet were submerged!

The ceremony closed with a blessing and a formal presentation of Alfie to those gathered.

Wishing Alfie and his parents a happy and fulfilled future, and of course plenty of water for Alfie!