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Bubbles and Broomsticks
September 8, 2021

Cripps Barn, Gloucestershire was the setting earlier this week for a lovely wedding and handfasting ceremony.

The ceremony was held outdoors in a beautiful secluded area in the grounds. Sadly the father of the bride had passed away. A chair bearing his photograph and a single rose was in the front row and we remembered him during the ceremony.

Accompanied by her bridesmaids and escorted by her brothers, the bride entered through a natural archway. Before around 50 family members and friends, the couple exchanged sacred vows and rings. Their union was sealed with a handfasting using a cord woven of different colours. They chose red as it was the colour the bride was wearing when they first met, grey to reflect their wish to grow old and grey together,  green to signify their aspiration their marriage would be a place where they can flourish and black, a reminder  that although there may be dark days ahead, their love will provide the strength to guide them through.

The ceremony ended with the couple jumping the broomstick, symbolically jumping into the next chapter of their lives together. As they walked together back down the aisle guests blew bubbles in celebration.

A beautiful event which I am sure will remain in the hearts and memories of everyone lucky enough to share it.