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Celebrating a Life Well Lived
September 8, 2021

I recently had the privilege to lead a ceremony celebrating the life of someone who had passed away suddenly and at a relatively young age. The family had a private burial at a green site in the morning, and were then joined by wider family and friends for a ceremony at the beautiful Matara Centre, Kingscote, Gloucestershire in the afternoon.

The room was beautifully decorated and there were pictures on display, as well as a memory book for people to record their tributes. In the centre of the room was a chair made by the person, and hanging from the glass domed ceiling, copper leaves they had fashioned by hand. The ceremony included a number of heartfelt tributes by family members and a friend, recalling happy and funny memories and paying tribute to the talents and achievements of their loved one. A period of reflection commenced with the ring of a Tibetan singing bowl.

At the end of the ceremony. family and friends were invited to tie a ribbon around a birch tree, planted and dedicated by the family to their loved one. For those unable to make the trip to the site by the lakeside, there was a branch from the birch tree in the family’s garden in the ceremony room on which to tie their memorial ribbons.Despite the sad circumstances. the occasion was full of warmth and love. As someone said after the ceremony, ” I hope someone loves me enough to give me such a lovely farewell”.

For information on Farewell and Celebration of Life Ceremonies see Funerals and Memorials.|