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Celebrating Love and Absent Friends
September 8, 2021

One of the wonderful aspects of creating and delivering an entirely individual and personalised wedding ceremony is the opportunity it provides to explore and share a couple’s love story when they are happy for their tale to be told.

Last Saturday’s ceremony was one of those occasions. The bride and groom had been friends for 30 years, a friendship that was shared with the bride’s late husband.  The couple grew closer in their shared grief after his passing, and their friendship gradually blossomed into love.

The three were part of a motorcycle club, which has it’s ‘home’ at a local airfield. Our ceremony was held by a memorial bench they have set up for absent friends, in a small clearing encircled by trees. Surrounded by family and friends, including many of the club members, we celebrated their love and union.

The couple exchanged rings made of Welsh gold, rare and precious (presented by two very cute page boys!). They sealed their union with a handfasting, using chords woven of crimson, dark red and black, chosen to reflect the colours of the motorcycle club. Red is also the colour of love and passion and reflected the Welsh heritage of the groom. The black was a reminder that whatever challenges may lie ahead, they will face them together.

We included a loving cup ceremony, with our first toast being to absent friends. The couple ended their ceremony by jumping the broomstick, signifying the fresh start they were making and hope for the future.

It was a heartfelt and meaningful occasion, honouring the past as well as the present and future. I wish them all the best and hope they have many happy years together.