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Double Baby Naming Joy
November 15, 2021

Not all stories of delays caused by the pandemic are sad ones, as proved by this joyful double baby naming I led a few weeks ago.

The original naming ceremony for Kaiden, was planned for the summer of 2020, which of course had to be postponed due to the Covid 19 outbreak. We rescheduled for June this year, but then Kaiden’s parents discovered they were expecting again, with the baby due around that time. It was therefore an even more momentous and special event when family and friends gathered in August to welcome into their community not just Kaiden but his little brother Alfie too.

The celebration was held in a local community centre, which the boys’ parents decorated for the occasion. Our ceremony outlined the life journey of each of the brothers until that point, including the reasons their parents chose their names. Their choice of names honoured family members no longer with us so it was also an occasion to remember lost loved ones and celebrate their memories.

Kaiden and Alfie’s parents made heartfelt promises to their sons, as did their grandparents and 5 godparents. Each boy was then given their life name followed by a blessing.

It was a truly wonderful occasion and there was certainly a lot of love in the room for the boys and their parents. Wishing them all everything they hope for in the future.