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Evie’s Naming Ceremony
September 8, 2021

The setting of any ceremony is a key and integral part of it, often bringing additional meaning and gravitas. I recently had the privilege to lead a lovely welcoming and naming ceremony for little Evie at the lovely Bear Hotel, Rodborough, near Stroud.

Welcoming a baby into our family and community is an opportunity not only to celebrate the potential for the future, but connection with our past. Rodborough itself is an ancient settlement, with records dating back to the 8th Century. The hotel itself opened in 1751. Situated on what was for many years the main route between Stroud and London, it is a place that has provided rest and sustenance to travellers and locals alike throughout that time.

It proved a fine setting, as Evie’s family and friends gathered to welcome her and confirm her life name. She wore a beautiful red dress with rosette bodice, and despite missing her usual nap, she was all smiles, enchanting all her guests.

We remembered the story of Evie’s entry into the world (well ahead of schedule , causing something of a stir) and how and why her parents chose her name. Her parents and guide parents made commitments to love and care for her, through childhood and beyond, and our blessing wished her love and happiness throughout her life.

Welcome Evie!