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Just Meant To Be
September 8, 2021

It is always great to hear the ‘love stories’ of the couples I lead ceremonies for, but occasionally you just know that they were just meant to be together.

So it was for a couple in Chalford, Stroud recently. The ceremony was held in their garden, against the backdrop of a beautiful valley. The groom had grown up in the house but after he had left, his mother eventually put it on the market. The bride had long admired the house and when it came up for sale, she bought it. Asking around when she was looking for someone to repair her fence, she was given the name of the groom and that is how they met. So, when he eventually moved in he was actually returning home!

Around 40 family and friends gathered to the beautiful sound of local guitarist Keith Hyatt. The bride was accompanied by 3 bridesmaids, which included her daughter, Teyha

The ceremony area was a circular structure, decorated with flowers from the garden. After sharing their love story, Teyha shared a reading, beautifully delivered, despite the emotion of the occasion. After exchanging vows, the couple asked their respective mothers to bless their rings with their love and good wishes in a ring-warming ceremony.

The couple were then hand-fasted, before a blessing and of course their first kiss. I have no doubt they will have many more happy years together in their home. Congratulations to them as a couple and as a family.