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Love Conquers All
September 8, 2021

I was honoured and delighted to lead a ceremony recently for two people who really do prove that love conquers all.

The bride was originally from Ireland and was living there when she first got to know the groom, who lived in Gloucester. Both they and their children had established their own lives in their home countries and so the decision to get together as a couple meant significant changes for both them and their families. With love and patience, for each other and their families, they eventually managed to find a way to be together that suited everyone and their wedding day was a culmination of that process.

The venue was the lovely function room at The Frogmill, Shipton Oliffe, near Cheltenham and we were blessed with a beautiful day. During the ceremony the bride and groom read the poem, “I Will Be Here”, by Stephen Curtis Chapman. The Unity Candle Ceremony celebrated the fact that two individuals and lives were coming together to form a unified whole.

After exchanging vows they had written themselves, the couple presented each other with rings and we blessed their union. We then listened to a piece of reflective music and guests were invited to hold the hand of someone they loved if sitting next to them or simply to revel in the joy of the happy couple.

The bringing together of the 2 families was celebrated with a sand ceremony, which their children took part in. After that first kiss, the ceremony then came to a close with first the couple then all their guests jumping the broomstick as they left the ceremony area.

A source of true inspiration and proof that love conquers all, I wish them both a long and happy lifetime together.