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Oaklee’s Naming Ceremony
September 8, 2021

One of the first ceremonies I had the privilege to lead when I became a celebrant was a naming ceremony for Willow. I was therefore delighted when her mummies asked me to lead a ceremony for her younger sister, Oaklee.

Every child is special and has a unique connection with their siblings. For Oaklee and Willow, however, that connection runs deeper than usual. Although born 3 years apart, they were created at the same time. Our ceremony was a celebration of the completion of a family, as well as recognising the responsibilities of family and close friends to nurture and support Oaklee. Her mummies, grandmothers and 4 guide parents each made pledges to her. One of the most moving elements of the occasion was that speaking in public was not something either her parents or guide parents found easy. It was testament to their love and commitment that they were courageous enough to write and in most cases read their promises.

After everyone’s promises, we reflected on how her parents chose her name, then after a reading we gave Oaklee her life name as we sprinkled her feet with rose water, as we did for her sister, Willow. The two sisters then exchanged gifts before they and their parents took part in a unifying sand ceremony, finishing with everyone blowing bubbles.

It was a truly wonderful occasion to be part of and I know those two little sisters could not be more wanted or more loved.