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Saying It In Rhyme
September 8, 2021

Some people would say that getting married on a beach in St Lucia is their dream wedding. For one couple, whilst wonderful and everything they hoped for, there was an element missing. They wanted to celebrate with their family and closest friends.

Just days after they returned from their Caribbean wedding and honeymoon, we gathered at Mal Maison in Cheltenham to bless and celebrate their union. The couple wanted their guests to really feel part of the event and for the occasion to be full of joy. The bride was escorted up the aisle by her daughter as the groom waited at the top with his 5year old grandson.  Both had been through sad times before they met and our ceremony honoured the journey that had bought each of them to this point.

The couple exchanged words and rings, the latter being brought to the ceremony area by Dexter the Dog, who rose to the occasion. They were handfasted, with red, blue, yellow and white cords. The bride took an active part in preparing the ceremony and had written a poem explaining their choice of colours. They then shared in the Loving Cup Ceremony and we formally blessed their union, again accompanied by a poem written by the bride.

The next part of the ceremony, a Sand Ceremony, involved everyone present. Each couple had either chosen a colour or brought sand from a particular location (including St Lucia for the couple themselves, Tenerife and Wales). As each layer was poured they gave their own personal blessing to the couple, with the final layer  a blend of all of them. Again the ritual was accompanied by a poem created by the bride.

After the kiss and presentation, they then jumped the broomstick, with a poetic invitation for their guests to follow suit. Amidst much joy and laughter they did so, symbolically joining the couple in their new life together.

It was a truly unique, personal and heart-warming occasion. Wishing them both love and happiness.