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The Day The Sun Shone
September 8, 2021

I was honoured and delighted to be asked by friends to be their celebrant for their wedding recently. They had decided to have their ceremony at a beautiful spot on a beach in Wales, with a contingency plan to retreat to a hotel if the weather was too inclement. It seemed their plans would be scuppered, however, as the preceding days saw severe storms and the forecast for the day was not promising. Somehow, however, they knew the sun was going to shine for them and they held their nerve.

We gathered at a nearby cafe and made our way down to the beach. It was a wonderful setting, with the sea behind us and grassy cliffs boarding the pretty bay. The sun did indeed come out as their respective families gathered to share their joy and witness their union. We heard their love story and of the depth of their feelings for each other, as well as how important music is to them as a couple (they are both musicians).  After a reading  from “The Bridge Across Forever” by Richard Bach, they exchanged vows and rings. They sealed their union with a sand ceremony before being handfasted.

Wishing them love and harmony.