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Walking Into Love at The Greenway Cheltenham
October 17, 2021

They do say that people often find true love when they least expect it and are not even looking. That was certainly true for a lovely couple for whom I had the honour of leading a blessing ceremony a few weeks ago.

Having met at a coffee morning, the bride accepted the groom’s invitation to join his walking group. Both had recently been through big changes in their lives and neither was looking for a new relationship at that time. They soon realised they had something special however, putting things to the ultimate test by going travelling in India together for 7 weeks after just 6 months. After that they just knew they were meant to be together and they completed the legal aspects of their marriage in 2020. As this was during the pandemic, most of their friends and family were unable to attend, so they asked me to lead a celebration and blessing ceremony a year later where everyone was able to be present.

The ceremony was held at The Greenway Cheltenham. The bride and groom entered together, to “The Queen of Sheeba”. We told their love story and friends and family contributed 3 readings; an extract from “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, “Maybe” and the Bob Dylan quote “He’s not perfect”. We sealed their promises with a handfasting. The interwoven cords were green for luck, health and love and because they both love nature, the countryside and the garden, brown to represent the home and the hearth, orange for kindness and blue for understanding, tranquility and health. The blessing was an Apache Blessing, followed of course by a kiss. The couple left the ceremony area by jumping over the broomstick, followed by their family and friends symbolically following them into their new life as they too jumped over the broomstick.

It was a truly lovely occasion and a real privilege to be part of their wonderful day.