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Welcoming Sonnie
September 8, 2021

I was delighted to lead a welcoming ceremony for my great-nephew, Sonnie at the weekend.

His parents wanted him baptised within the Catholic faith, but having attended a couple of welcoming and naming ceremonies I have led, also wanted to include a more modern and personalised approach.

The baptism was held in St Peter’s Church, Gloucester, led by Monsignor Liam Slattery VG. It was a really lovely service and I particularly appreciated that he took time to explain the reason behind the various elements of the ceremony.

After the service we all went to the Farmers Club, also in Gloucester. Gathering in the garden beneath a large tree, we then had a ceremony to welcome Sonnie into our wider community. His parents had written a beautiful contribution, detailing their love and pride for their son and making promises to care for and support him. His 6 godparents then each made individual and personal pledges. We finished with a blessing and Sonnie was formally presented to everyone.

Welcome to our family and our community Sonnie!