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Sand Ceremony
September 9, 2021

A sand ceremony, or unity sand ceremony as it is sometimes known, offers an unusual and meaningful addition to a wedding ceremony. It can also be a way to mark the significance of others to the couple, such as children or parents. It can even be used in other family or community celebration as a way of marking a union or ‘blending’.

The basic principle is that each person involved in the sand ceremony has a different coloured sand. The single colours represent each individual. When the sands are blended it represents the union they form together. The mixed sand cannot be separated back into the original colours, representing the eternal intertwining of the individuals and their lives.

The typical ceremony begins with a vessel for each person, with their chosen coloured sand. Colours can be chosen to match the wedding theme or by the individuals. A central vessel is empty. Each one of the participants in turn pours their sand into the empty vessel. The final layer is a blend of the two, creating a new blended colour.  The filled vessel can make a lovely keepsake of the day too.

What is particularly wonderful about a sand ceremony is that it can be developed to make it completely unique and personal to the situation. For example, if a couple already have children, they can contribute to a final layer including their chosen colours. Similarly it offers a lovely way to include parents.