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Support After Losing A Baby
September 9, 2021

There are few things more devastating and heart-breaking than losing a baby. A time that should have been full of celebration and joy becomes one of sadness and mourning.

It can also be a time when parents and other family members can feel very alone, struggling with their feelings of loss. Everyone deals with grief differently and there may be times when talking to someone outside the family would be helpful.

There are a number organisations that can offer support and help at this difficult time, both through providing advice and information and offering support. Amongst the larger ones are SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity) and The Lullaby Trust

Another such charity is 4Louis. This charity was recently chosen by a family to benefit from donations in lieu of flowers for a ceremony I led recently. When I went to the website to find out more, I was immediately greeted by a pop-up conversation box, with someone welcoming me to the site and asking if they could do anything to help. It struck me what a warm and welcoming gesture that was. It is never easy to take that first step and talk to a stranger about the most personal of experiences and this seemed to me a really helpful way of breaking down that initial barrier.

We all hope we will never have to face such a tragic circumstance: but it is good to know that there is help and support available that might in some small way bring comfort if we do.