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The Value Of Baby Showers
September 9, 2021

I must confess I have been uncertain about baby showers up until now. A celebration before a baby arrives is fairly new in our culture and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Having attended a baby shower recently for one of  my nieces, her partner and their baby, (who is due towards the end of this month), I have realised that it is a really wonderful idea.

Members of our family gathered at the home of my brother and his wife and we ‘showered’ the couple with small gifts for the baby, such a little outfits and cute accessories. We had fun playing ‘baby-related’ games, including charades and guessing the baby’s date and time of birth, gender, weight etc. And of course we caught up on the family news and reminisced about shared memories.

The best aspect of a baby shower though, is it brings family and friends together to celebrate the anticipated new arrival, something they may not have the opportunity to do again until the baby’s naming ceremony. It also gives the parents a real feeling that they have the support of those who love them best around them.