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Tips For Hot Weather Weddings
September 9, 2021

Most couples hope for fine weather for their wedding day, and particularly if this is during the summer months. It can be a question of be careful what  you wish for, however, especially when the weather is really hot.

Here are a few things to consider to ensure the hot weather adds to your day rather than creating problems


With the good old British weather it is of course impossible to know what it will be like on your wedding day months in advance when you are planning clothing for the bridal party. It is worth thinking about how wedding outfits can be adapted in the event of a really hot day. For example insisting people wear heavy jackets in a hot ceremony room could well lead to problems. Be prepared to be flexible. Guests too may need to be less formally dressed than they usually would to enable them to stay cool.

Staying Cool

If you are using a booked venue check with them what they will be doing to keep you and your guests cool. Will the ceremony area be air-conditioned if inside or in the shade if outside? You may even want to consider providing hand fans to your guests.


Ensuring everyone has easy and constant access to water, especially on a hot day, is critical, bearing in mind that alcohol dehydrates the body even further. Encourage your guests to drink plenty by having water available around the venue and of course don’t forget to drink plenty yourselves.


Makeup melting in the heat is probably not the best look!  Check that it will remain pristine whatever the conditions.

Protect the cake

You don’t want your wedding to be remembered for the cake that collapsed in the heat! It makes a great centrepiece at the reception but it may be better to leave it in a cool place until you are ready to cut it.

In summary, we often have contingency plans for wet weather, but it is also worth thinking about the impact of a really hot day. Plan ahead and you will be able to cope with whatever the good old British weather throws at you, leaving you and your guests free to enjoy the day.