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Transgender Naming Ceremonies
September 9, 2021

Within our communities we hold and participate in ceremonies to mark and celebrate important milestones and transitions in our lives; the birth or adoption of a new baby, marriage or when saying goodbye at the end of someone’s life.

There are few milestones as important and literally life changing as gender reassignment for anyone who undergoes this transition. Adopting a new name to reflect this is a significant  part of their journey, and is a symbol to the world of the change they have made. What better way to share and celebrate this occasion in a meaningful way, surrounded by those you hold most dear than a special ceremony?

Transgender Naming Ceremonies (or perhaps they should be called Renaming Ceremonies) are not a new idea. The most high profile was that of celebrity Caitlyn Jenner last year. For her, the ceremony had significance for her religious beliefs, and was a baptism into the Christian faith using her new identity and real gender. A secular ceremony could be just as spiritual and life affirming, however.